Manual  Online
Japanese  Distributors

Pro-Trak features 
Charge and discharge  graphs
Intensive Care System
Temperature detect
Photo's of Pro-Trak  products
Trackside accessories 
Ni-Mh   problems when cold
Serial Cable Assembly
Interesting Graphs using Microsoft Excel
Multi-Phasic Charge Mode
Equaliser monitoring

Old Information/Upgrading
Upgrading (Version 2)
Equalising Information
Lithium Polymer
Stand for old type Pro-Traks
Cell Warming

Internal Resistance or Power%
Download Graph Software
Windows graphing software
Lithium Polymer
(interesting use of Pro-Trak)

[email protected]
Tel 0191 2521330

Pro-Trak Limited
59 Allendale Crescent
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE27 0UE

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