If you are a beginner into the world of body building then you need to understand the importance of diet. Diet plays a key role in body building. A balanced diet is very essential in order to obtain the muscle mass. It is also important to know the amount of calories that you need to take in order to maintain your health and also to maximize your work out regime. In this article I would like to give the basic outline of the proper diet that should be followed by beginners who have just started body building.

Now you need to understand that as a beginner your diet plan will change considerably to become the diet of professional body builders. So it is not wise to simply follow a diet which you see on TV or which you red in magazines. You need to understand the concept behind that diet and to whom it is suitable. As a beginner your diet plan will vary depending on the goals which you have set. Meaning if you are overweight then your diet plan will be different and if you are underweight the diet plan will be completely different.

If you are overweight then you need to consume far less calories than the normal person. This is mainly due to the fact that you need to lose the excess fat. This can be achieved by calculating the calories you consume every day. A normal man who is not sedentary needs an average of around 2400KJ of calories per day. This includes calories obtained by carbs, proteins and fats all put together. So if you are overweight you need to consume a minimum of 100-200 KJ cal less than the normal amount in order to make your body utilize the fat depot for energy. Again this is useful only for the beginners as you will be starting off with lighter exercises and your body can compensate with the deficit. You need to concentrate on reducing the carbs and saturated fat in your diet. You need to reduce the intake of bread and other bakery products, reduce potato, pasta, and other food items which are rich in carbohydrates. When it comes to fats try to consume unsaturated fatty acid rich food. You need to stop eating butter, food which is deep fried; instead you can consume a lot of fish which is very rich in unsaturated fatty chains. You need to maintain or increase your protein consumption so that your muscle mass is not lost.

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